Once you've implemented the Yieldr tag and you have verified that the installation is successful, you can use Audience Analytics. Audience Analytics gives you insights into your customer demand on route level. From here you can create targeted segments of users in order to be exported to your favorite activation channels. Head over to the Analytics section by either clicking Save on the left hand side of the projects page or by clicking the Yieldr Logo on the top of your page.

With the query builder you are able to view the audience you are interested in. You can select the itinerary you are interested in. The default screen always displays the users that have been on your website in the last 7 days. You can easily change this date range by clicking the date and selecting an alternative date range. Don't forget to click Apply Filters.

If you want to see an audience that showed interest in a specific flight, simply search for your flight number using and select the date of the flight. For example, to view the audience for flight YA 580 from Amsterdam to Barcelona, between the 12th of and 17th of June set YA 580 in the Flight number field and select June 12th-17th as the date.

If you want to further refine your audience, click Show Advanced Filters on the bottom part of the query builder. From here you will be able to filter your audience based on their search country, as well as device type, traffic source, and funnel step they reached before leaving your website. Be warned that this will decrease your audience size, and may cause problems when exporting your segments

When you have found the audience you want to target, you can simply share the url or save it by clicking Save Segment button on the top right of your screen. You can find more information about segments here.

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