The Yieldr tag collects data from your website. It consist of two parts. First there is the base tag that is always the same script and should load on all pages. This collects data based on page and user properties. Additionally, there are scripts for every step in the funnel that send events. These scripts must be implemented on every funnel stage separately. There are 5 funnel stages:

  1. Homepage
  2. Search/Flight select page
  3. Passenger Page
  4. Payment Page
  5. Conversion/ Sale page

In these funnel-step scripts the data should be send dynamically, depending on the availability of the parameters per page. For example:

  • Flight origin
  • Flight destination
  • Flight passengers
  • Prices
  • Etc.

The full list of parameters that are available and the schema can be found here or in the table at the bottom of this page.

After the tag has fired, the data will be put in a cue to be enriched. The event goes in a cue where the data is enriched based on:

  • Airport IATA Codes: the data gets enriched with City, Country, and the Coordinates of the Airport
  • Geo-IP: the data gets enriched with Coordinates, Country, Region and City of the user
  • Referrer: the data gets enriched with Referrer Medium and Referrer Name
  • User Agent: the data gets enriched with Browser, OS and Device
  • URL: the data gets enriched with Page Path and Query Params
  • UTM: the data gets split into Medium, Source, Name and Content

After the enrichment process, the data is stored in our database and made directly available in the analytics section of the Yieldr Platform.

Available Data Parameters:

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