Integrating with Google Ads is easy. Head over to integrations and click Connect.

You will be asked to sign in with your Google credentials. You will then be asked to allow Yieldr to access your Ads Account. Once you click Accept the integrations page will reload. Wait for the advertiser selection box to pop
up, this can take a few seconds. 

Lastly select the advertiser account you want to send your audience to. Once this is done you are able to send your segments to Adwords.

Please note: Segments are being sent based on collected email addresses. Since Yieldr doesn't collect email addresses for every user in every step of the funnel the amount of users in the Google Ads Segment can differ from the amount of users you see in the Analytics section of the Yieldr DI platform. Google Ads takes up to 6 hours to build the audience send by Yieldr Demand Intelligence.
Yieldr does not support  Google Ads manager accounts.

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