Our platform is a new way for your airlines revenue managers and marketers to interpret airlines performance and make the necessary media spend and pricing adjustments to meet your revenue goals.  

What makes it unique is it’s a cross functional technology that brings together departments within an airline in order to boost the overall bottom line 

To collect data, our platform combines data from your RM system or PSS with data collected on our website by our Yieldr tag. Integration is easy, and we walk you through each step of the process once you sign up.

The first thing we will look at is the flights dashboard. It is designed to ingest your revenue data and visualize it in a way that’s easy for both marketers and revenue managers to understand. Here you can easily identify which routes are in danger of underperforming and then begin to take action.

Flights Dashboard in Yieldr AIr

Our flights dashboard allows you to see your network performance on three levels of aggregation: market groups, routes, and flights. 

You can see how your actual revenue and load factor are tracking against targets and forecasts you have set for each route. 

Once you have identified flights or routes that need media pressure, you can learn about the potential customers your route by viewing the audience. Clicking the “View Audience” button for a selected route brings you to the Audience Analytics dashboard. 

Here you can discover information on your potential customers on a specific route or flight. You can build out segments using the query builder, and then activate them on various media platforms. This dashboard answers questions like what device potential customers are using to look at specific routes or flights. Are your email, tweets, or SEM campaigns driving people to specific routes or flights? What part of the sales funnel are potential customers getting to before they drop out? 

For the route or flights you have selected, you can add layers to the query in order to zero in on a more specific audience within this route. 

The advanced filters allow you to use easily refine your audience

Once you have a segment you like, you can then save it and export in the segments tab.

Exporting a segment allows you to activate an audience you just built across media networks allowing you to target users who are interested in your flights but haven’t booked yet

To export your audience and apply media pressure, click the export button on the segment you have created and select your preferred activation channel. 

Once you’ve exported an audience, they will appear in the account of your activation channel, ready for you to build and execute your campaign. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us through the chat button at the bottom of the screen, or by reaching out to your Customer Success manager. 

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