When your new advertiser and your Yieldr Ads Tag are fully operational, you're ready to create a new insertion order (IO). Insertion orders offer an additional layer of flexibility, letting you assign line items and campaigns to an advertiser.
An advertiser can contain multiple IOs. To create a new one, first select your advertiser in the platform, and then navigate to the "Advertiser Name > Insertion Orders" section in the left navigation bar. On the top right click the "+" button to start configuring your first IO.

Insertion Order Settings

Under "Settings", the following three items need to be defined:

  1. Name: Enter the name for the insertion order. You will be able to search for and report on the campaign using this name.
  2. State: The state is set to "Inactive" by default to prevent the underlying campaigns from spending before all necessary settings and creatives are complete. You can set the state to "Active" at any time if you press "play" at the top right of the screen, and if you define at least one budget for your new IO.
  3. Budget: The insertion order level also provides a field to fill in the total budget of all campaigns you want to run under that specific IO. Select a start date, an end date, and a budget, and then click the green "Add Budget" button to save the budget to your IO. 

When you've defined all your IO settings, click "Create" at the top right of your screen, and your new IO will be created. 

Some additional info on Budgets

Any budget that you define on IO level will directly affect the summed amount of budget for all campaigns related to that insertion order for the given timeframe and act as a budget cap. Additionally, the budget will give you an overview of the daily spend needed - for this specific insertion order - in your reporting.

For more information about IO budgets or the rules of play of IO budget cap, please refer to this article

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