In the Yieldr Ads platform, the advertiser object is the top level of the buy-side hierarchy, which looks like this:

  • Advertisers > IO > Line Items > Campaigns 

Before you can set up line items to define your financial agreement, start running campaigns and serving creatives on behalf of an advertiser, you must set up the advertiser itself. This is done easily by pressing the "+" button on the top right corner of the platform homepage or by clicking the button below:

This will open up a new advertiser window.
Please note that your account needs to be created by Yieldr first before you can log in to the Ads platform and create a new advertiser. 

Advertiser Settings:

  1. Name: Insert the name of the advertiser.
  2. Company: Select the company the advertiser is part of. 
  3. Category: Define the category the advertiser belongs to.
  4. Currency: Set the currency which will be used as the default setting for this advertiser.
    Please note that you cannot change the default advertiser currency once it has been set.
  5. Default timezone: Define the default timezone your campaigns will run on.
    Please note that you cannot change the default advertiser timezone once it has been set. However, you can select a different timezone in the campaign editor while setting up and/or changing a campaign.
  6. Broker Fee*: Define the net percentage that needs to be deducted from the media budget that is set on campaign level.

*Example: if you define a broker fee of 15%, any campaign with a budget of 1000 will actually spend 850, leaving the 15% as your margin.

After setting these parameters, press the play button on the top right of the page to activate your advertiser, and then press "Create", and your new advertiser will be created and ready for action.

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