Once you have created an insertion order (IO), it is time to create a line item (LI). Line items offer a second level of flexibility and define the financial agreement with the advertiser, including how much the advertiser has allocated to spend (budget) and the basis on which the advertiser has agreed to pay (revenue type). It is the third step in the platform hierarchy (Advertiser > Insertion Order > Line Items > Campaigns). After setting up a LI, you can create campaigns to specify how to execute the media investment. 

Line Item Settings

To create a new LI, first select your advertiser in the platform, and then navigate to the "Advertiser Name > Line Items" section in the left navigation bar. On the top right click the "+" button to start configuring your first IO. Then walk through the following setup:

  • Name: Enter the name for the LI. You will be able to search for and report on it using this name.
  • Status: The status is set to "Inactive" by default to prevent the underlying campaigns from spending before all necessary settings and creatives are complete. You can set the state to "Active" at any time.
  • Frequency cap: The LI frequency cap (FC) is disabled by default. Please be aware that any FC you define here will ensure that across all campaigns belonging to this line item, you will never show more impressions than defined during the set timeframe.

Frequency Cap Example

Let's say you have 10 campaigns linked to a single LI. Each campaign is set to a FC of 10 impressions per 24 hours. This means that potentially, a user could be targeted with 100 impressions per 24h in total. However when you define a FC of 50 impressions per 24 hours on line item level, the user will only see a maximum of 50 impressions coming from the 10 campaigns during that 24 hour timeframe.
Note: This does not mean that each campaign will deliver an even amount of impressions. The algorithm will always optimize towards the most relevant delivery of impressions.


The LI level will also allow you to define a specific budget. This budget is the total budget of all campaigns for that specific LI. This field will not have an effect on your campaigns, but will only give you an overview of the daily spend needed for this specific LI in your reporting. It is possible this budget differs from the budget you filled in on the insertion order level, as you are allowed to use multiple line items.

Cost Rules:

Cost rules allow you to add third party costs that are on top of the media spend budget. For example, these could be costs such as creative costs, hosting costs, managed buy fees, etc. 

The next and final step to getting you set up is adding your Creatives to the Platform. Once you have uploaded these, you are ready to create your first campaign.

Before you finish however, don't forget to press the green "Create" button on the top left of the page to activate your LI.

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