In order to help you get started on your first prospecting campaign, you can find our suggested 'Best Practices' set up below. This set up will help you run your first campaign without using a pixel. If you do want to run a campaign using a pixel, you can find more information about creating cases here and we suggest you read this article about how to implement the Yieldr Ads Tag on your website. 

Creating a new Campaign

First select your Advertiser in the Platform, and then navigate to the "Advertiser Name" > Campaigns section in the left navigation bar. Click the + button > RTB in the top right corner to get started. This will open a new Campaign which you can setup according to your own preferences. Don't forget to select 'Prospecting' as the campaign type of choice under "Campaign Type". For more general information on how to create a new RTB campaign, you can refer to this article

Prospecting Campaign Settings (no pixel)

  1. Optimization strategy: Max Volume (will enable the algorithm to buy as many impressions as possible for the given budget and bids)
  2. Pacing type: Even (will spend your budget evenly throughout the day)
  3. Frequency cap: 5**
  4. CPC bid: Insert the max CPC you would like to pay. Recommended bid: 2 Euro
  5. CPM bid: Insert your max CPM bid. Recommended bid between 2-5 Euros. 

Conversion tracking 

There is no Yieldr pixel implemented, so you will not be able to track your conversions. 

Targetting settings 

After walking through the campaign set up wizard, and setting the stage for your prospecting campaign under "Budget & Strategy", it is important for any prospecting campaign to be able to run smoothly to set up the targeting of your supply and geo's in the correct way. Under "Targeting Options > Supply" you can control what supply will see your ads. 

  1. Supply: Exclude specific blacklists with domains you do not want your campaign to run on.
  2. Geo: Specific geo of the campaign.
  3. OS & browsers: No restrictions.
  4. Ad schedule: Exclude night time.

After finishing this setup, press the play button on the top right of the page to activate your campaign. Then press the green "Create" button on the top left, and your new campaign will be created. If you've set it to active, it will start running within the hour!

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