Now that you have configured all desired parameters to create your tracking pixel, (or as we call it) your 'Yieldr Ads Tag', it is time to collect it for implementation on your website. The Tag needs to be implemented either directly in the website's source code or (preferably) within a Tag Management system, such as Google Tag Manager. For more information on implementing your Yieldr Ads Tag, please refer to this helpdesk article.

How to collect your Tag

To collect your tracking pixel, select your advertiser and hover over the three dots on the right, and select "Get Tracking Pixel" in the tooltip: 

The Tag will appear and you can easily copy the code by pressing the "Copy to Clipboard" button.

When you implement the Tag, make sure all parameters you configured in the first step are being filled with the correct data. To test the implementation, you can use the Yieldr Tag Inspector in Google Chrome.

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