In order to help you get started on your first tracker campaign, you can find our suggested 'Best Practices' set up below. A tracker campaign is used to generate click and impression trackers that can be used on creatives that are not served from the Yieldr platform. By using this an advertiser is still able to get clicks and impressions in the Yieldr reporting suite. There is a certain hierarchy, in this case it's Publisher > Site > Tracker. If there is no publisher and site created yet, we advize you to start with reading this article.


To create a tracker campaign go to "Yieldr Ads > Advertiser > Insertion Orders > Line Items > Campaigns" and select "Tracker" from the new campaign dropdown on the top right. This will take you to the tracker campaign editor.

Tracker Campaign Settings: 

  • Name: Enter the name for your campaign. You will later be able to search for and report on the campaign using this name.
  • State: The state is set to "Inactive" by default to prevent the campaign from spending before all necessary settings and creatives are complete. You can set the State to "Active" at any time by pressing the play button.
  • Currency: Select the currency for this campaign.

Tracker Campaign Conversion:

  • Conversion: Select one or more conversion cases and save your campaign

The next step is creating your trackers. How to do this can be found here.

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