This article explains how to find supply deals in the Yieldr Ads platform and shows the different filtering options. After logging into the Ads platform, navigate to "Supply > Deals" in the left navigation bar. The deals in this view are ordered by the date they were last modified, i.e. the most recently modified deal is on top. When you only want to search active deals (indicated by the green play button on the left hand side), you can filter on status at the top of the left navigation menu. 

All deals in the platform follow the same naming convention, making it easier to search for and find deals:

  1. Publisher
  2. Country
  3. Size/Format
  4. SSP
  5. CPM (if applicable) 

To search for specific deals within the list, you can use two different strategies:

Use the search bar at the top of the screen

In the search bar you can use any keyword from the Yieldr deal naming convention list mentioned above. For example, if you are looking for deals for the 1800x1000 ad size, you can type in this size and you will find the following results:

You can user either the ID number, the name in the description or the deal ID to search for your preferred deal in the campaign editor when you are setting up or editing your campaign.

Via the filter on the left-hand side

You can filter on different deal types, on deal status, and deal subtype, like video deals or first look deals. Please be aware that only those deals with the green play icon are active. When targeting specific deals, make sure you do not add any inactive deals.

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