Trackers are used to measure clicks and impressions for creatives which are not served via a campaign within the Yieldr Ads platform. By using creative trackers, you will still be able to visualize the generated clicks and impressions on those creatives in the Yieldr reporting suite. However, before you can start creating your first tracker, you need to create a new tracker campaign which you can connect to your new tracker, and which will be used to measure your impressions and/or clicks.

Create a New Tracker

To create a new tracker, head over to the "Supply > Trackers" section in the left hand navigation and press the green "+" button on the top left of your screen. A screen will pop up where you select the site you want to use:

Tracker Settings

In the tracker settings there are four fields you need to fill out, two of which are linked to each other:

  • Name: Enter the name you wish to use for the tracker. You will later be able to search for and report on the tracker using this name.
  • CPM Price: This is the CPM price (in the currency of your advertiser) you pay for the impressions. This option is only available when you choose pricing type CPM.
  • Demand Filter: At this level it is mandatory to use the demand filter. You must link it to a tracker campaign you have created in the first 3 steps on the Yieldr Ads side.

Generate Tracker

Now that you have setup the tracker, you need to export it so that you can send it to the publisher for implementation on the creatives. In order to do so, go back to the site you created previously and select "Show Trackers" from the context menu. Then select one or more trackers you want to generate. In order to generate the tracker, hover your mouse over the menu bar on the right. 

Please note that if you want to use a click tracker, you should fill out the field "Click URL" with the desired landing page or click macro, otherwise it will not re-direct properly.

Output Trackers

Now that you've done all the steps above you can click on "Get Trackers" and the system will generate two types of trackers. One to track impressions, and the other to track a click (the landing page URL). You can traffic these into your 3rd party system or send them to your publisher to implement.

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