Hang in there, you are almost there! In order to move on to setting up your first Campaign, you need to add at least one creative to the Platform. 

Creative Types

  1. HTML Tags: These are the most used creatives. HTML allows your creatives to display animations or even show the last viewed product to a user. More information on HTML Creatives can be found here.
  2. Images: These are the easiest creatives to add to the platform. You can easily batch drag and drop your images to the platform and Yieldr will add the sizes accordingly. More information on Image Creatives can be found here.
  3. Videos: These are In-Stream videos that play right before, in the middle of, or after other video content, and use VAST XML to ensure proper rendering in players. Videos creatives have to be added one by one. The video file size must be less than 100Mb. More information on Video Creatives can be found here.

More information about how to add these different creative types to Yieldr Ads can be found in the articles in the Creatives - Basics section. 

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