In-stream video creatives are played in video players on web pages. They are played before, in the middle of, or after other video content, and use VAST XML to ensure proper rendering in players. Yieldr currently supports VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0.

How to upload a new VAST Tag

Start with navigating to your advertiser in the platform, and then select your "Advertiser Name > Creatives" section in the left navigation bar. On the top right click the "+" button, and then select the "Video" option from the dropdown to start configuring your first VAST creative. 

Creative Details

  • Name: Ensure that you choose a name that enables you to easily find the creative at a later stage.
  • Video URL: Here you add the video url where the VAST xml is hosted. When entering a VAST tag, Yieldr will essentially wrap the tag to provide a way for one ad server to redirect a video player to another secondary ad server to retrieve an ad. With Yieldr, you can create wrapper VAST ads that use another ad server to provide the ad. By wrapping the VAST tag Yieldr will be able to provide all VAST tracking events in reporting. It's not needed to provide a click URL as this should be contained in the VAST tag.
  • Add Creative to a Set: Choose whether you want to add a creative to a folder. If you want to add your creative to a set (this is optional), select either "Existing Set" and choose from your available sets, or select "New Set" and enter the name for the new creative set.
  • Ad May Appear at Any Time: This option is default set to all available time slots. When you turn this option off, you can then select whether you want your ad to appear as a pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll or a combination of those three. 
  • Ad slot Duration: This option is default set to bid on all available ad slots. When you turn this option off, you can then select whether you want your ad to only bid on 15 seconds or 20 seconds time slots.
    Please be aware that some publishers add 10% to the video duration to account for the load time. Make sure that when uploading a video, that it is not EXACTLY 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Always keep a safe margin of at least 10%

After you've added all the tag details, you're almost done. You only have to save your creative by clicking "Create" and the top left of your screen, and the creative will be ready to be attached to a campaign!

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