Using Yieldr Air, you can export single segments of users into Mailchimp for your promotional campaigns. If you want to learn how to create an abandoned cart campaign in Mailchimp, click here.  If you do not yet have a Mailchimp account, you can create one here. If your Mailchimp account is not connected to your Yieldr Air account, first follow this article here

Exporting Segments to Mailchimp 

  1. Exporting a segment in Yieldr Air to Mailchimp
  2. Configuring your Yieldr Air segment in Mailchimp
  3. Sending the campaign from Mailchimp

  1. The first step of exporting a segment to Mailchimp is to identify an audience you want to promote. You can begin this process either on the flights page or on the analytics page. On the flights page, select a route or series of routes in need of promotion. Then open the route(s) in analytics and use it to further refine your segment. You can also select an audience by querying directly on th analytics page.  

Once you have refined your audience in Analytics, click Save Segment on the upper right part of the screen. 

Next, choose a name for your segment and click Save. Now choose where to export this segment. Select Mailchimp, and it should be exported instantly to your integrated Mailchimp account. 

If the export was done correctly, it should appear like below in the segments page. 

2. Now log into your Mailchimp account, and click List. The Yieldr Air segment should now be visible. You may need to refresh the page once or twice before it shows up. The process shouldn’t take a long time. If you wait more than 5 minutes and your segment does not appear, then try exporting the segment again. If this doesn’t work, get in contact with your customer success manager for assistance.  

Once your list is visible in Mailchimp, you are ready to build a campaign with your Yieldr Air segment. Click the Campaigns tab, then Create Campaign. 

3. Now select which type of campaign you want to run. Once you have configured this, select your Yieldr Air segment as recipients. Click Add Recipients under the To row, and then select the name of your Yieldr Air segment. 

Now you are ready to design your campaign and activate it. 

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