Before you can set up the Abandoned Cart you need to have a Yieldr Air - Sendgrid integration.

How to create the template in Sendgrid

  1. Log into Sendgrid
  2. Click Templates > Transactional
  3. Click Create Template 
  4. You should now see a template of how the email will look
  5. Click Edit 
  6. If you want to add a field, click a module (like text) and drag it over
  7. If you want to use a language condition, you need to modify it in the HTML in the following way: {{#if}} <Spanish body> {{else}} <Other body> {{/if}}
  8. Below are the list of parameters and how they should be written:

{{{ADULTS}}}                 Amount of Adults
{{{CHILDREN}}}             Amount of  Children
{{{CURRENCY}}}           Currency
{{{DEPDATE}}}               Departure Date
{{{DEST}}}                      Destination Airport IATA code
{{{DESTNAME}}}            Flight Destination Name
{{{INFANTS}}}                Amount of Infants
{{{ORG}}}                       Origin Airport IATA code
{{{ORGNAME}}}            Origin City Name
{{{RETDATE}}}               Return Date
{{{PRICE}}}                     Flight Value of the Cart
{{{TOTALVALUE}}}        Total Value of the Cart
{{{LANGUAGE}}}           Language
{{{OBSDATE}}}              Date of Search
{{{FIRSTNAME}}}           First Name
{{{LASTNAME}}}            Last Name

   9. If you want to make use of dynamic images you can do this by using the HTML Code Module and using tags in the image url.

We also send up to 5 recommended routes. To use these recommendations use:
{{{R#.ORG}}}                        Origin Airport IATA code
{{{R#.DEST}}}                       Destination Airport IATA code
{{{R#.ORGNAME}}}              Origin City Name
{{{R#.DESTNAME}}}             Destination City Name  
{{{R#.PRICE}}}                       Price (if uploaded)

Use R0 for the first recommendation, R1 for the second etc.

Create the campaign 

  1. Log into Sendgrid
  2. Once your template is created, go back to Templates
  3. Under the title of the template is an ID number. Copy this ID number
  4. Log back into the Yieldr Air and click Segments
  5. Click Configure on the abandoned cart segment
  6. Paste the template ID
  7. Select the contact fields you want to pass on 
  8. Type in the sender address you want to use (i.e. or
  9. Click Save Changes
  10. The campaign will now run but can be paused at any time

More detailed instructions on how to test, pause or start your abandoned cart campaigns can be found here

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