In this article, we will walk you through exporting a segment from Yieldr Air to Yieldr Ads. If you do not yet have a Yieldr Ads account but would like to get started, please get in contact with us. If your Yieldr Ads account is not connected to your Yieldr Air account, first follow this article here

The first step is identifying routes, flights, or markets you would like to promote. Begin by clicking Flights on the left panel of the platform. Here you can easily identify areas you would like to promote. Once you select inventory for promotion, click View Audience.

Now that you’re in the Analytics page, you can dive deeper into the demand for your chosen inventory.  Here we are looking at a particular route, Denver (DEN) to Acapulco (ACA). You can further refine the audience here, for example just selecting mobile users or by users who have only searched for a certain departure date. Once you’ve selected the audience you would like to target, select Save Segment on the upper right side of the screen. 

Name your segment and click Save Segment

Then go to the Segments Page and click Export

You should now see the segment has been exported to your Yieldr Ads account

Now log into your Yieldr Ads account and select the correct advertiser. Expand the dropdown on your advertiser name and select Cases.You should now see your Yieldr Air segment listed.


Once you’ve confirmed that your segment has been exported properly, you can now build a campaign using this segment. Click the Campaigns tab on the left hand side, then the plus icon on the right hand side. 


Now select the line item you would like to use for the campaign. In this case, it will be a line item you already created and belongs to the Retargeting campaigns as we only want to target users who have visited the website.  

Now create a new campaign. First steps of creating a new campaign is naming your campaign, and selecting your campaign type; in this case retargeting. 

Now you are ready to setup your campaign. In the left hand side of the campaign wizard, select Audiences, which can be found under targeting options. Search for the case you exported from the Yieldr Air platform.  

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