Before you can set up the abandoned cart campaign through Emarsys using Yieldr Air audiences, you need to have a Yieldr Air - Emarsys integration.

Once the integration is set up, you can create your abandoned cart campaign. The abandoned cart campaign is created in the automation centre in Emarsys and uses an external event trigger to start the automation. Learn more on setting up email campaigns here and about the Emarsys Automation Center here.

So first in the Emarsys platform you have to create a new event under Admin> External Event.

Next head over to the segments section of the Yieldr platform and click on Create Abandoned Cart.

Select the fields you want to use in your personalisation. These fields will be pushed automatically to your template in Emarsys for identified abandoned cart users.
In your template in Emarsys you should write these fields as {{event.VALUE}}. For example, for First Name you should set it as {{event.FIRSTNAME}} or Destination should be set as {{event.DEST}}.

This is the full list of fields:

{{event.ADULTS}}		Adults
{{event.CHILDREN}} Children
{{event.CURRENCY}} Flight Currency
{{event.DEPDATE}} Flight Departure Date
{{event.DEST}} Flight Destination IATA code
{{event.DESTNAME}} Flight Destination Name
{{event.INFANTS}} Infants
{{event.ORG}} Flight Origin IATA code
{{event.ORGNAME}} Flight Origin Name
{{event.RETDATE}} Flight Return Date
{{event.PRICE}} Flight Value
{{event.LANGUAGE}} Language
{{event.OBSDATE}} Date of Search
{{event.TOTALVALUE}}        Total Value
{{event.FIRSTNAME}} First Name
{{event.LASTNAME}} Last Name

We also send up to 5 recommended routes. To use these recommendations use:

{{event.R#ORG}}		Flight Origin IATA #
{{event.R#DEST}} Flight Destination IATA #
{{event.R#ORGNNAME}} Flight Origin Name #
{{event.R#DESTNAME}} Flight Destination Name #
{{event.R#PRICE}} Flight Value #

# = from 0 to 4

After selecting the personalisation fields, in Yieldr Air you also need to select the event that will trigger the emails, which you previously created in Emarsys. This is the event that you are going to use in your Emarsys automation. Select it in Yieldr Air from the dropdown at the bottom.

Once this is set up, you can click on 'Start Streaming'.
Remember! By clicking on this button you won't actually start streaming users to Emarsys, you will simply confirm the set up of your abandoned cart in Yieldr Air, but the actual flow will be PAUSED automatically.

When you are happy with your templates in Emarsys and you are ready to test or launch your abandoned cart campaign emails, you can come back to Yieldr Air > Segment and click on 'Test' or 'Start'.

More details on how to test, pause or start your abandoned cart campaigns can be found here

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