When you set up the abandoned cart in Yieldr Air you will notice that you can enter an email address for testing purposes. 

What is the difference in the testing functionality in Emarsys?

If you are testing your abandoned cart email in Emarsys you will not have access to the information collected by the Yieldr tag which means the dynamic fields will not be populated and your test email will most likely be empty. Our recommendation is to test your abandoned cart email in Yieldr Air.

Please note the following: 

  • If you pause the abandoned cart functionality the users which abandoned cart during pausing will also not get an email once you restart the abandoned cart. 
  • While testing, the email will only be sent to the email address you have entered previously, new users will not be added to the segment. This means that all users that abandon cart while you are testing, will not receive an email. The email intended for them will be sent to the test email only. 

To start, pause or test the abandoned cart email navigate to Segments section. 

When hovering over the menu next to the Start button you will see the options to configure, test and delete.

Once you have completed the test, you can pause it and start the live abandoned cart campaign.
This menu is not just available for Emarsys, but also for Magnews and Sendgrid:

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