In case too few travelers have shown interest in a route or flight, the size of your audience will need to be increased. Yieldr Air enables you to do so based on the analysis of historical search and booking patterns of all travelers on your website or app. 

Yieldr Air will employ its algorithms in order to analyze the search behavior of all travelers that previously booked a flight that needs additional demand. All searches prior to those bookings will be used to establish a correlation between other routes. Based on this analysis it is possible to target audiences that have looked for routes that have a strong correlation with the route or flight that needs additional demand.

For example, your flights from Paris to Berlin are forecasted to depart far below their objective next month. The volume of travelers that have been searching for this flight is so small, that it is unlikely that enough of those travelers will book the required number of tickets. Yieldr Air can analyze all travelers that have booked tickets from Paris to Berlin and show which other routes these travelers were considering prior to booking. Yieldr Air might indicate that many people that look at the route Paris to London will end up booking a flight from Paris to Berlin. Paris to London will show on top of the table with correlated routes, and the size of the people that have shown interest in that route the past 30 days will give an indication of the volume of additional travelers that can be approached. Finally, hit the button ‘Add to Filter’ to add the audience to your filter and start activating a larger and still relevant audience of travelers to meet yout Paris to Berlin objectives.

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