Offering flight recommendations can increase the conversion rate of your abandoned cart emails tremendously. Yieldr Air can insert these recommendations straight into your existing abandoned cart campaign. Based on a deep understanding of past traveler behavior from actual bookings and booking patterns, Yieldr machine learning algorithms can detect which flights a traveler is likely to purchase. Using these insights, abandoned cart emails are sent that don’t just offer the flight the user had in their basket. They also recommend other flights that have a high likelihood of interest from that user.

Yieldr analyses every search and every booking and uses all that available information to fully understand the entire booking pattern. The relations between all travelers (and their behavior) is computed to estimate their interest in specific flights. To make the final recommendation, the individual travelers is analysed.  Their specific cart and all the behavior that this traveler engaged in on the website prior to leaving the cart will be taken into account. Traveler response to these recommendations is fed back into the algorithm to make sure it keeps learning from every interaction.  

How to activate recommendations? First check with your customer success manager whether your catalog is properly connected. If all your data comes in nicely setting it up in the platform is quite easy. Just mark this checkbox:

It is now time to start monitoring that uptake in your conversation rate.

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