How to use show my activity and opt-out functionality

In the GDPR an end user has the right to see her/his collected information and has the right to be forgotten.

To adhere to this law Yieldr created a feature in our tracking tag that can retrieve all data Yieldr has collected for a specific user_id. It’s a function called:


This function can accept any function that determines what to do with this retrieved data, so you can choose yourself what you want to do with this data.

How can I use this?

An example of such a function could be fetching this information and downloading it directly in a csv.

Or a function that fetches this information and opens a new tab with all collected data listed. 

For demonstration purposes we created a function that logs the current user information in the console and a function that downloads the user data in a json file.

Try it yourself by opening the console and paste the function below.

_yldr.activity(function(userData) {console.log(userData)}) 

Or if you want to download your user information past the script below in your console:

_yldr.activity(function(userData) {
  function download(filename, data) {
    var element = document.createElement('a');
    element.setAttribute('href', 'data:text/json;charset=utf-8,' +
    element.setAttribute('download', filename); = 'none';
  download("userData.json", userData)

Opting Out

Next to showing user activity the Yieldr tag has a function that allows users to opt-out. Opting-out means we do not add any new information to the current user record. The previously collected information is still available. The function to opt-out is:


Right to be Forgotten

If end-users want to have their information removed, they have to contact the data controller, i.e.  the airlines website where the Yieldr Tracking Script is implemented. The airline then contacts Yieldr requesting to remove the user information collected.

We advise all of our customers to place these scripts in a show my activity or opt-out button. As data processors, we advise our customers to have a consent manager in place and only load the Yieldr Tracking pixel when an end user gives explicit consent to be tracked by the data controller (in this case the airlines website).

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